Mamismo were born in Haute Savoie with recyclable materials of French and European origin. The fleece and the 100% polyester fur allow the machine to be washed at 30 °. The boot is mounted in a French craft workshop near Bellegarde. The anti-slip of the sole 100% natural latex is realized in Annecy in our workshops. Grannies are available in various colors and in several sizes men and women. For madam: 35-37 / 38-40 / 41-42 For sir: 41-42 / 43-45 To choose your size, use our guide on the site. The mammals are delivered in a small ecru cotton bag that can be reused. For optimum comfort, the slippers have ergonomic insoles. Find moms in our online shop The Impression of Your Next Gift ... The Collecmismo For Madame For misters The Mismodidact THE DELIRANTS THE EXCUSIVES The Creamismo PERSONALIZED THE CORPORATES